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Project Archive

Our Voices

We started this film a year ago. We were on a walk and Jamie started humming then singing the beginning of this song, and I said, “What is that? I love it!” And she said, “I don’t know! I just started singing it!” Thus came our first co-created song…out of which came some movement, and then we decided we needed other women to join us! I could never figure out the ending, so this film has been waiting in my editing software for nearly a year! I finally returned to it, and realized that it did not have to be perfect…there is no such thing. It ends with our authentic smiling faces as we are creating together. What more could it be? Thank you to all the women who played with us! More of this please!



Light's Leadership


Sneak Away






Survival by Red Dress


Cathedral Strong


Change the story




Be Brave Now

For International Women's Day!


I move

An Official Selection of the 2017 AShland Independent Film Festival!

I was laying with my baby, and for the first time, this poem just came fully formed.  We were on an intense trip visiting family far from home, and this film was made literally "in the cracks" of my days there.


Growing Indigenous


This Time Before


Big Enough




Ground Pulse


Searching Statues







A little preview/teaser for my next short film coming soon:  "Thread"


As I am

An Official Selection of the AShland Independent Film festival, 2016!

This film is a sweet exploration in self-acceptance and love.  What if we were able to completely embrace wherever we are in life, and see the beauty, lessons, growth, challenges, light and dark as all necessary parts of our journey?  Then what if we could be gentle with ourselves, and allow ourselves to show up each day as we are? We are already whole.


Crack and Rise

A short film by Amirah David


She Calls

After many months of aching to create and feeling consumed by the daily reality of toddler care and work, etc., I finally decided to film and edit and sing in the few minutes I could find in between.  Touching base with the call.



A collaborative short film about crossing thresholds in our lives - what door do you find yourself knocking at? Perhaps it is time to open it and see what lies on the other side.  

The first year of parenting has been a monumental experience for Jamie and Amirah, and they wanted to mark this transformation.  The other women in this film (dear friends) were marking their own life changes, such as shifting careers to honor soul desires. Amirah was entranced by the door when she first laid eyes on it months before. They entered the space without full knowledge of what a rich and meaningful journey they would embark upon. Few words were spoken.  They simply witnessed each other trust the wisdom of their bodies to take them to a place of meaning.  


"Mama's Fire"

A short film by Jamie Wiggins and Amirah David

The making of this film was a practice in listening and co-creating for Jamie and Amirah.  The process of making this film became a realization of the Untaming Project and a new creative partnership for the longtime friends. They set out each day for three days (with babies in tow), with the simple intention of doing/filming/being what felt most natural and supported in each moment.  The practice was to open, listen, and create.  They were walking the talk of "stoking our fire."  Jamie wrote the poem in this film long before it's making - it was meant to be a baby gift for Amirah. This film is their statement of intention for doing their work in the world.  They are taking a deep breath and putting their newborn work into the light.


"Coming to the ground"

A short film by Amirah David

This is an informal film that is simply the product of showing up in my living room in whatever clothes I was wearing that day, day after day, to listen to and move my body.  This is the practice.  This is coming to the ground over and over again to feel it holding me every time I think I have no energy left to do the daily things required.  


the Call

Our invitation to remember what it means to live untamed.


"Our Dance" 

A short film by Amirah David

This little film came from following the subtle urges to go out and dance while pregnant without knowing why or what to do with the pieces of film.  Once my son was born, I then realized I wanted a small tribute to that journey of transformation and bringing him into the world and our family.


"Befriending the Wild"

A short film by Amirah David

I have always struggled to embrace and love my sensuality and claim this wild and beautiful part of what it means to be a woman. Feminine.  Powerful.  Whole.  This film is an exploration of what it might mean to fully own and love her.


"She Moves"

A short film by Amirah David

A practice in listening to the ocean within and without.


"Breaking Awake"

A short film by Amirah David and Jamie Wiggins

Jamie and Amirah's first collaborative and creative film project.  Both of us newly pregnant and just beginning to listen to the whispers of creative impulses. Looking back now the poetry in this film speaks to our intentions for the Untaming Project. Look for the deer family in the background behind the big snowy tree while we are dancing, they followed us all weekend while we filming.


"Family of Origin"

Short films by Amirah David

In graduate school I was asked to do an artistic piece somehow representing how my family of origin has influenced my working model of attachment and relationships.  These three dances emerged as part of the whole piece, and it is this project that I hold most dear out of all the work done in graduate school.