This is an invitation to dance and move in between all the stuff of life! Life wants to move!

I Move

I move

in the little cracks.

In between the tic and tock of clocks.

In the barely open moments in between 

like sliding through the holes of an old screen.

I move in the space between the hands of time,

like the hidden dots that connects the lines...

And eventually some pieces blend enough

to send smoke signals soaring

saying look I made something...

But the truth is,

this is just a shadow whisper

of a sunshine scream

that's been building in my belly since I was a baby.

And I've been blind so many times

to the truth

that I want to move all the time.

Like the water that fills the cracks

and the resounding click of the great bit clock.

In the spacious open moments of life and more,

with the sureness of a solid wood front door.

I want to move with the hands 

that can enlighten,

like weaving the dots and lines

to make dimension.


So with this...

The pieces stop...drifting away

and I stop...grasping them hopelessly

as they shape-shift

and sift

through lonely fingers.


I move like tapestry.

This woven

of body and bone and and out...

Babies breathing know no lines between

giving and receiving.



There are no more pieces.

The lie of separation ceases,

and this sunshine scream

floods the creases between my eyes,

and the lines between me and you,

between trying and true,

between one and all,

and melts the fear of answering the call.


And so...

I ask that all our creations, big and small,

all speak of this light,

this threading,

this flow river vein spreading

that connects us to the ocean that soothes.


We move.

Love Moves.

~Amirah David