Depth Work

With Jamie Wiggins m.A.

Through our work in individual sessions we will move through dreams and waking life uncovering the medicine of your personal myth.

‘I trust there is a healing process going on in my unconscious. If I can keep in touch with it, my life flows forward; I constantly open to what I could have never imagined.’-Marion Woodman

My background is in art therapy counseling and wisdom based traditions. My work focuses on fostering a deeper relationship with the the womb center and supporting clients on their soul journeys.

-I offer a free fifteen minute consultation



Skype or phone sessions available.

Counseling and Authentic Movement Work

with Amirah David, M.A., LPCI

Come connect with the original wisdom of your body.  We will create the space to freely explore how somatic awareness, mindfulness, and perhaps movement can stir and awaken deep wells of knowing and healing. 

"This is your body, your greatest gift, pregnant with wisdom you do not hear, grief you thought was forgotten, and joy you have never known." ~Marion Woodman

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Office location: 1970 Ashland St., Ashland, OR 97520

We all begin the process before we are ready, before we are strong enough, before we know enough; we begin a dialogue with thoughts and feelings that both tickle and thunder within us. We respond before we know how to speak the language, before we know all the answers, and before we know exactly to whom we are speaking.
— Clarissa Pinkola Estes