The intention behind all work at The Untaming Project is to support women in making our own medicine through tending, witnessing, and sharing our creative flames.



The Call

"It all begins with a seed. 

Imagine, together what could we be?

Picture a world filled with trees.

Keep growing now we are fluid sky back full of cloud,

chest water falling over silvered rock

and of course arms growing branches.

Stop thinking and take this scarf,

stop clenching and dance.

Face the wind that makes you.

Start flying now and you will see a world that transcends 'Me'.

It's time to conjure up and make all that you dare not create.

It's time to do all the wildness your mother always told you not to.

Before I touched dirt I had forgotten.

Before I knew pain, this time never was.

Before I felt sane.

So now that it is night, I dare you to dream."

~Jamie Wiggins