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Mothering Ourselves Home: A Nourishing Postpartum Workshop

We invite you to join us for a day of mama self-care.

We know the postpartum years are intense and transformative. That is why it is our joy to share this day of pampering and soul support with all of you!

In this workshop we will practice building a deeper and more tender relationship with our body, mind and soul. Together we will work with releasing old patterns that keep us small, listening to body wisdom, and honoring our voice. Oh and we can't forget the juicy celebration to dance ourselves into our power!


“I believe in following the rhythm of things. I look for clues through dreams and in waking and ask what season is this? Where am I in the tale now? Deep listening through my body and making, help me to hear the medicine my soul is calling for. This work nourishes me and hones my ability to listen for the voice that always wants me to flourish. It is quite remarkable how it never gives up on me no matter how many times I forget. When I am clear enough there is this ever giving fountain that bubbles up. It fills my heart to know that it is always waiting.”

— Jamie Wiggins

“This business of learning to trust...really trust that what emerges most organically from within me is enough and indeed exactly what I need to give...continues to be the most wild, satiating, and challenging process I have encountered. I overflow with gratitude when I can just glimpse that our most innate gifts truly hold the key to our deepest fulfillment and potential for impactful service. ”

— Amirah David

Jamie Wiggins M.A. 
MA Art Therapy Counseling
Creative Guide

Amirah David M.A., LPC Intern
MA Counseling Psychology
Trained facilitator
Dancer/Film Make